Clément BERARD

Engineer - Currently leading in tech on the frontend and in a managerial role

Specialized in modern fullstack web development

About me

I embraced digital culture during the burgeoning era of computer science in the 1990s and have since fully immersed myself in the realm of the web and emerging technologies.

I have leveraged my skills to turn this passion into a profession, and I am now delighted to flourish in the field of computer engineering.

With expertise in full-stack web development, I have also been exploring the domains of home automation and Internet of Things (IoT), along with a wide range of other high-tech pursuits.


Vuejs - React - Svelte - Astro - Typescript - Bun! - ES6+ - Vitest/Jest - SASS/LESS - Vite - ESBuild/Rollup/Bun - ESLint - GraphQL - Cypress/Cucumber - PWA
CI/CD ❤ - Gitlab/Github Action/Travis - Docker - Git - Linux/Unix/Mac OS - Admin Web Server - Apache/Nginx
NodeJS (Deno/Bun?) - Go - API Restful/GraphQl - MySql/Postgres/SQLServer
Project Management - Management - Agile Methodologies


2018 - now
Manager / Tech Lead
2015 - 2018
Study and Development Engineer
2012 - 2015
Collaborative Web & Mobility Consultant
Professional Mission Backoffice Development
Design - Development - Web Integration


2012 - 2015
Computer and Communication Networks Engineer
2009 - 2011
University Diploma of Technology in Computer Science

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📭 Contact me at, and you can find me in Lyon, France 😊